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Bad Wolf Club


My newest project.. 

home to the dreamer. 


The bad wolf club is my new website... 

Bad Wold Club is a place for the dreamer, the doer, the lover -- a place for you. We're here to create and feature content than can work as a guide on how to live your most fulfilled life - letting your individualism steer your choices. We've got an itch to do something world changing. These are our worldly perceptions, something we're sharing because we know someone needs to hear it. 

According to us at BWC, there's nothing cooler than (re)discovering who you are, what your purpose is and not trying to be anything other than that. Here's our take on life - how we think, how we dress, how we carry ourselves, how we eat, how we party, how we workout, how we date 10's (however your scale works), what music we're listen to, where we travel and how to squeeze every ounce out of the split second we're breathing.

 Team based mostly in a coffee shop or on a rooftop in Brooklyn, but also could be anywhere in the world. We like mystery. And expletives. Welcome to the club, be a Bad Wolf. 



Hey there, I’m Drew Jessup. I’m a creative, influencer, model, advocate living in Brooklyn. 


I'm a Maine native, currently calling Brooklyn home. I like to tell stories. I'm trying to leave a positive footprint while my lungs are still pumping, my heart's still beating, all while continuing to avoid the hoods of these careless taxi drivers. 

I'm a lover of good people, soul people, style, travel, new places, thinking deeply, great convo, semi-reckless choices, love/ romance and other stuff that makes you feel things. I like feeling and try to do it often. This site is my landing page, all creative content has been moved over to my new communal blog/ website: Bad Wolf Club

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"Letting my heart tell me what feels good and making it up from there."

- Drew Jessup



As for Drew Jessup the brand I offer a few different services. I'm creating a visual journey through partnerships. 



    • For brands looking for strategies to bring their content and engagement to the next level. 



    • Look books, editorial or social media for gig or hourly rate
    • Hosting, Emceeing

I've gotten the opportunity to work with some amazing brands that you can check out here.

If you're vibing with anything leave a comment, drop me a notefollow my socials (the best place to reach me). See you on the other side. 


Much love,



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